Trailhound Welfare

Lakeland Trailhound Welfare is a charitable trust that has been finding 
retirement homes for trailhounds since 1997.
We have homed well over 1000 hounds. It is run entirely by volunteers
and supporters who all have a passion for the breed.
We take in hounds of all ages and either rehome them ourselves, or find
places for them in reputable rehoming centres throughout the country.
We believe hounds should be homed responsibly and neuter, vaccinate
and health check hounds before they are adopted.

We have retired hounds living in most counties in the UK.
A great testament to the breed is the large number of adopters coming
back for a second hound. We even have second generation family
members coming to us to adopt after they had grown up with a
hound adopted by their parents.

We work very closely with the hound trailing community to help
them rehome their hound.
We do not have our own kennels but try to take in hounds as
quickly as we can. We may be able to foster short term if an emergency
case is rung in to us.
If a hound trailer wishes to home their hound themselves we are
happy to help with neutering costs.

We keep in touch with many adopters and try to arrange events in
Cumbria where they can come to visit and to watch hound trailing.
It is lovely to hear how they get on with their new families and to get
photos of them settling into their new lives.

Please visit our website for more information 
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