Supporters Club

BHTA Supporters Club Committee
Doreen Philipson, Sarah Harper, Linda Neale & Susan Barker

Our aim is to raise, & utilise, funds for the maximum benefit of the
BHTA members. 

Our main fundraising event is the Annual Christmas Prize Draw, 
held early December. We never ceased to be amazed & are
extremely grateful to members for their contribution to this event, 
donating prizes, & buying & selling tickets. 

Monies raised have been used for the following 
- Association Hound Insurance
- Supporters Club 'Alternative Championships' - for all grades of 
hounds & pups finishing 4th, 5th & 6th, in their appropriate races. 
- Place prizes for Maiden Hounds & pups in their appropriate
Common Riding Trail
- Breeders Prizes for Produce winners & places for Non Produce Pups
- Juniors, & 18+ competitions
- Prizes for all dogs finishing last in any grade of trail at
weekend fixtures in October

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