Supporters Club Competitions 2022

Junior Competition 
up to the end of April 
(qualified Juniors only)

1st. Lottie with Inspect - 75pts
2nd. Jake with Delta Swift - 66pts
3rd. Archie with Border Reign - 60pts
4th. Gracie with Tallulah 51pts
5th. Isla with Frankel - 43pts
6th. Janie with Matilda - 37pts
7th. Katie with Fire Belle - 18pts
8th. Emmie with Explore - 15pts
9th. Emily with Splendid Sally - 14pts
10th. Ollie with Sea the Stars - 10pts
11th. Jorja with Fire Bond - 5pts
12th. Alaina with Overwater Stanley - 4pts
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