Supporters club Competitions 2021

Team Competition 

Points up to the end of May

Border Bunch
Border Brow / Border Brae 
Border Prosper / Border Pride
1st Div 5pts / 2nd Div 3pts

Delta Delights
Delta Script / Delta Scope
Delta Style / Delta Supreme
1st Div 23 pts / 2nd Div 18 pts

Fire Bunch
Fire Belle / Fire Lass
Fire Strike / Fire Gun
1st Div 20pts / 2nd Div 16pts

Fire Crew
Fire Gem / Fire Princess
Fire Darling
1st Div 3pts / 2nd Div 0pts

Hillbillys Moons
Vinny Moon / Bella Moon
Milo Moon / Tommy Moon
1st Div 17pts / 2nd Div 9pts

Paw Patrol
Jazzle / Matilda
Diggleboy / Explore
1st Div 42 pts / 2nd Div 0pts

Pick N Mix
Polaris / Eden Raine
Cindy / Castle Clansman
1st Div 18pts / 2nd Div 7pts

Red Hot Hillbillys
Red Hot Bob / Buster Moon
Pat Moon / Bobby Moon
1st Div 20pts / 2nd Div 15pts

The Reserves
Pirate Jake / Mr Finnegan
Delta Status / Mr Ant 
1st Div 11pts / 2nd Div 6pts

The Splendids 
Splendid Mikey / Donna's Pride
Splendid Lily / Tesla
1st Div 33pts / 2nd Div 11pts

Wasted Potential 
Frankel / Enable
See the Stars / Camelot
1st Div 12pts / 2nd Div 9pts

You'll Never Walk Alone 
Sportsman / Time WIll Tell
Splendid Sally / Lucky Charm 
1st Div 20pts / 2nd Div 8pts

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