Fixtures & Important info


Covid rules apply.
All trails will be track & trace for everyone attending.
Correct money to be given as no change will be handed out. 

Pups will run first then old dogs, number of trails TBC
Wednesday 14th April 
Burgh Marsh, 6.30pm 
£1 per hound

Saturday 17th April 
Burgh Marsh, 12pm 
£1 per hound

Wednesday 21st April 
Westwood Burn, 6pm
Pup Trail 
£1 per hound 

Saturday 24th April 
Westwood Burn, 2pm 
Pup Trail 
£1 per hound

Wednesday 28th April 
Westwood Burn, 6pm 
Pup Trail 
£1 per hound

Important Information 
With the season starting soon membership payments are due. 

These can be placed in an envelope, with the amount & names of the members clearly marked on the front, then passed to Kerry or Anna. 
Or for anyone who wishes to pay by bacs please contact Kerry on 07585505611.

Membership prices are:
Adults: £10 
Children: £5
Payments are to be made by the 18th April.

Border Hound Trailing Association 
MARCH 2021
 COVID - 19 Return to Racing Regulations

Below are the regulations that must be adhered to at all official practice and championship trails.

Traveling to the trails
Only a family bubble or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle.

Entrance to the field
Entrance fee - Correct money must be in an envelope with their name and amount on the front and put into the box which will be on a table at the entrance of the field (no change will be given)

Track and Trace will be in place, all details will be kept for 2 weeks after the event then shredded.

Entering hounds – promotor/gate person will be stood 2 meters from the entrance table and will enter hounds when asked too.

Vehicles must be parked at least 2.5 meters apart, there should be space to park another vehicle between you and the next vehicle.

Adhering to social distancing policy members must not enter other member’s vehicles and must stay 2 meters apart if socialising.

The Slip
Members must slip hounds 2 meters apart. During these covid – 19 regulations there will be no ‘marking’ of any hound at the slip.

The Catch
Due to the frantic nature of the catch social distancing may be very difficult, so in line with government guidelines and where we cannot guarantee social distancing all handlers must wear a mask or face covering for the duration of the catch.

Ticketing Hounds
The judge and catchers will all wear masks or face coverings and catch relevant ticketing hounds while adhering to the 2 meter social distancing measures.

Prize Money
Prize money will be made available on a table in an envelope for collection after completion of each trail, any prize money not collected by the end of the meeting will go towards the promotors balance sheet.

The raffle will be a £2 square board so you will just pick a number and the seller will write your name in the square then the seller will pick a number from a bag. The prize will be cash and again will be placed on a table for collection.

Caterers are asked to implement their own covid -19 measures in line with government guidelines. Members are asked to adhere to social distancing when queueing for catering facilities.

The BHTA accept no responsibilities for any measures caterers choose to implement.

Trail Layers
Those laying trails are advised to wear plastic gloves and dispose of them at the end of the trail laying.

Handling/helping members with hounds
Whilst we would much prefer you only handled your own hounds, we appreciate this can not always be possible so if you were to help another member gloves and a mask must be worn and gloves disposed of straight after use.

Roads and Road Scouts
Only the road scout/s and their vehicle should be at any road crossing.

Other important information
These regulations must be placed as a notice on the entry gate to every fixture along with a sign displaying ‘Behind closed doors, track and trace in operation.’.

Promotors must disinfect all gates, fences and other surfaces touched by members in the vicinity of the trail field when everyone has left the trail field.

Some members are in the category of over 70 and/or increased risk groups.

The BHTA is aware that some members may be at ‘high risk’ of coronavirus, according to the most up to date NHS advice.

Those individuals are advised to carefully consider the NHS guidance .Whilst the above regulations do not require the BHTA to prohibit ‘increased risk’ individuals from the trail field, everyone is urged to act in their own best interest in line with the NHS advice.

You or anyone you have been in contact with must not attend a Hound Trail if you have any COVID-19 symptoms and you must send the secretary confirmation of a negative test result before returning.

Message to Members 
In the Annual this year I would like to include pictures/poems/writing from our junior members (under 18 yrs) showing what Hound Trailing means to them.
I would also like a picture of them with their hound(s). 
Please label them with your child's name & age & send a photo of them to the page or to my email Or I can take in the originals to copy & hand back.
I would like them in by the end of April.
Thanks 😊 

Thank you to members who responded to the proposed membership increase. 
After counting the votes this has been accepted so membership is as follows:
Adults: £10
Children: £5 
Thank you, Anna

A huge thank you on receiving the lovely card from BHTA after going through my operation. With time and patience we will all hopefully see you in the very near future. 
Kind Regards Corrine, Paul, Ross, 
Salah, Farah and Ruby.

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